What is the Open House Network group?

The Open House Network Group is an independent organization dedicated to providing the tools and marketing opportunities realtors and brokers need to succeed.

We offer agent tours for realtors like you, providing broader agent traffic from multiple offices, not only giving you valuable feedback, but important exposure for your listings as well.

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What's In It For Me?

The goal of The Open House Network Group is to bring together area realtors under a single program to create an open and non-competitive environment that allows realtors to promote their listings to a diverse group of seller's and buyer's agents.

Benefits Include:

  • Free Lunch!  A light lunch at the last house tour is a great way to network and get to know some of your fellow realtors, as well as get you ready for the rest of your day.  
  • Enhance your listing presentation.  Being part of The Open House Network Group allows you to offer tours as an available marketing tool for your sellers.
  • Offer your clients the opportunity to benefit from an organized, professionally sponsored tour.  Not only will this generate interest and give your listing greater exposure, but you'll also receive valuable feedback from other agents on tour.
  • Tour other listings in the area.  Our tours are a great way for buyer's agents to become more familiar with available inventory in your area.
  • Access to educational opportunities through our sponsoring partners.  Our sponsoring partners help you keep up with the latest trends and grow your business.